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Looking For a Manicure Salon?

Why queue when you can book an appointment

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Manicure Singapore – Why Women Just Love It

Manicure Singapore, Finger Nail CareGoing for a manicure appointment is just one of the favorite thing that we woman love. Not only that we can improve our looks, but it is also the best chance to escape from the stress of working in the office and taking a step into a state of relaxation.

Getting the manicure is mainly to help to distress and improve the looks of our nails, and it is also quite common practice that the services also incorporate massage and various relaxation techniques while you have your nails done.

A lot of manicures at the salons are done by staffs that also provide massage service. These staffs some are not licensed therapists, but they do have the acquired skills to apply just the right pressure to the hands and feet that really leave us in a total state of bliss.

Some nails salons have relaxing massage chair and while they work on our nails and feet. The massage chairs gives a deep back massage, adding the finishing touches on a perfect spa experience. Also many women opt for a pedicure along with their manicure as well. These are quite a relaxing experience and most women will go for that service as well. Both feet are placed into a bubbling and warm foot bath and complete with a foot and leg massage.

Having manicure and pedicures done at the same time is a wonderful experience, but the reality is that not every woman can afford these wonderful treatments at the salons. Lots of women simply have no time for all these. While it is best to pay for the service to let the professional do the work at nail salons, manicure can also be done at the comfort of your own home.

The following are tips on how you can give yourself a great DIY manicure at home.

1. Having the right tools. What you need are nail files, nail scissors, clippers, a cuticle stick, also bottles of nail polish. You can include items like cuticle softener, warming mitts, lotion, paraffin wax machine, and you may want to include a foot bath. (If you do not have foot bath, a tub filled up with warm water will work just as good!)

2. Wash your hands first and go through your nails with a cuticle stick & scissors, next gently remove any hangnails or any outgrown cuticles. File and clip your nails to the desired shape and length you want.

3. You can do the massage before you paint your nails. Using your thumbs you apply gentle pressure to your palms of your hands then rub in a circular motion. After this you massage each individual finger.

4. Rinse off the lotion and use a wet washcloth before you apply polish. Then coat the nails twice and followed by a clear top coat.

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